Fisherman Lodge and Beach Club

Guide Owned...Angler Approved

Fisherman Lodge is a full service fly fishing lodge located in Punta Allen, Mexico, and dedicated to offering top guiding services for the waters of Ascension Bay. Opened in 2008, we are locally owned and operated by fly fishing guides for fly fishing anglers.

A short, three hours South of Cancun and down 32 miles of dirt road winding through virgin rain forest, along a beach road hugging the Caribbean Ocean. At the end of the road lies the small town of Punta Allen; the gateway to Ascension Bay. What you will not encounter is crowds, traffic jams, or spring breakers on mopeds and jet skis. And when you arrive, we will take your luggage to your room and help you leave your other luggage at the door.

The World's best waters for the SLAM. We have the scratch that takes care of every itch. Top guides and skiffs. First class accommodations, personalized service, and world class dining. A lodge owned and run by guides and dedicated to anglers of all skills. All a done deal. Our promise is that you will have the time of your life. You will not be disappointed!

Ascension Bay Fly Fishing Lodge
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Punta Allen Mexico Fly Fishing Lodge
Fly Fishing Lodge in Punta Allen Mexico
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Grand Slam Fly Fishing Lodge Punta Allen
Punta Allen Fly Fishing Lodge
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