Fisherman Lodge and Beach Club

A Paradise for Families!

Have family members that just don't get your need to fish? They will never be bored at Fisherman Lodge. The Yucatan's best family destintion for anglers and their families. Choose from our many non-angling activities or let them plan a special time based on their interests! Your imagination is the only limitation at our place!

Ocean Eco-Tours

Take one of our Ocean Eco-Tours and you will be in awe of the local marine life and we promise you will not be disappointed. We can accomidate up to six passengers for this four hour excersion. You will visit the Meso-American Reef which is the second longest reef system in the world. Sea turtles are always easy to find and there are five species such as the green, leatherback, and hawksbill. Dolphins, several species of rays and sharks, crocodiles, and the occasional whale shark or manatee can also be a part of any eco-tour.


Take a three hour snorkling tour, on the second longest reef system in the world. Our reef system is pristine and full of sea life. If you are new to snorkling, we recommend you take a learning class in our fresh water pool, with one our local experts. The lessons are free of charge and will greatly enhance your experience.

Robinson Crusoe Tour

This tour is the greatest gift you can possibly give your family group. It is an all day tour for up to six people. The trip includes snorkling, light tackle fishing, wading for bonefish, bird wathching, shelling, and a full lunch on a deserted island inhabited by a population of friendly iguanas. It will provide a lifetime of positive memories. Our guides are consumate professionals who have spent their life learning about and sharing the many secrets of Ascension Bay's flora and fauna. Do not miss this tour, if you have non-anglers in your group. A must tour if you want to experience the beauty of our Sian Ka'an Biosphere!

Kayaking Tour

Take a three hour tour of the local mangrove creeks and the surronding waters with a certified kayaking guide from the Orchidas COOP. These fine ladies are all trained in leading kayaking tours and are incredibly knowledgeable in the local fauna, flora, and aquatic creatures. You will paddle through the Black Lagoon and its' many twisted canals, surrounded by the local species of birds and fish. You will have a new appreciation of the unique relationship between the mangrove ecosystem and people.

Jungle Walking Tour

Take a tour of the hidden jungle paths used by the anciant Mayans who ruled this area for over two thousand years. Your female tour guides know these tropical forest byways like the back of their hands. Learn what medicenes grow freely here and also learn what vegatation should be avoided at all costs! And then learn what remidies are available to counter dangerous plants; growing freely along the path of enlightment! You will also visit the bird wathching towers constructed near the Black Lagoon. These thirty-foot towers will give you an unobstructed view of the Bay's inner lagoons and spactacular views of the bird life.


We have bicycles! Pedal your way to all of the local waypoints. A great way to get to know and discover our small pueblo (town) of Punta Allen. Bicycles are free to paying guests, on a first come basis. You can't get lost here! And we encourage you to utilize our bikes to visit the many attractions available in Punta Allen.

Light Tackle Fishing

Take a half or full day fishing with our spin fishing gear. Limited to four anglers max our local fishing guides will take you to the reef and to the inside passeges where you can catch Barracuda, many species of Snapper and Grouper, and maybe you will want to have them filleted and cooked that night for a family dinner.

Deep Sea Fishing

Lets go catch some Marlin, or Sailfish, or Wahoo, or Dorado (Mahi Mahi), or Kingfish, or everything else that swim in our waters! Limited to six passengers, this a time honered pursuit of fish for the dinner table!

Fly Casting Lessons

Are you a first time fly angler or an old salt? It does not matter, as our in-house casting instructor will help you learn basic casting or take you to the next level. Capt. Greg Rahe, our in-house fishing expert, is a lifetime member of and holds a casting instructors certification from the Fly Fishers International. He is available for both individual and group lessons.

Swimming Pool

Just hang out at our beautiful fresh water pool. Lots of space to spread out and enjoy the day. We have lounge furniture and tables for our guests. Ask your private valet to make your favorite drink or order a snack from the pool grill.

Beach Lounging

Enjoy our private beach on comfortable, padded, loungers and take advantage of our daily beach side bar and grill for daily specials. Go for a swim in the beautiful Caribbean Ocean at your doorstep and try some snorkeling. Remember we have a dedicated Fisherman Beach Club Bar and Grill with attentive staff!